'Bachelorette: Men Tell All' Recap: Colton Gets Emotional While Talking About His Virginity
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The special episode also sees some guys apologizing to Becca Kufrin for their actions and mistakes throughout the season.

AceShowbiz - Prior to "The Bachelorette" finale, viewers might have to hear what the suitors got to say in "The Bachelorette: Men Tell All" special, which aired on Monday, July 30. The special episode saw them confronting each other about issues that happened throughout season 14.

They kicked off the episode by addressing the season's biggest moments, including Chris R's meltdown and Jean Blanc back-tracking his confession of love to Becca Kufrin. While Chris admitted that he "lost control" because he didn't get one-on-one date with Becca, Jean revealed that his confession was in the "heat of the moment."

It might be impossible not to talk about Colton's claim of being a virgin, especially when you had Jordan around. The latter confronted Colton about it, and also brought up the former's past relationship with Tia Booth. Jordan's nemesis David joined in, saying that Jordan didn't took the process seriously. However, he admitted that he regretted the fact that he focused on Jordan too much rather than pouring his attention to Becca. He also apologized for taking things too far with Jordan.

Then, it was Jordan's turn to be in the hot seat. He insisted that he was trying to be humorous, but people didn't seem to be taking his jokes well. "I think people think I'm being serious in my deliveries, but a lot of it is humorous, it's meant to be laughable," Jordan reasoned. "My sense of humor, tied with my confidence... people think it can't be real. I like to entertain."

Colton and David, however, explained that it wasn't Jordan's humor that got them annoyed. It was the fact that Jordan made light a process that they were trying to take seriously.

Later, Joe weighed in on his elimination. "I wasn't expecting it," he said about him being sent home on night one. "I was like... it's going to be really bad, it went really bad, I went home right away. It was [embarassing]." He added, "I remember before the show aired, I was freaking out--but it went well!"

Wills, meanwhile, talked about his feelings after being rejected by Becca, who told him, "You'll find your person," before handing the rose to Jason instead of him. He seemingly didn't understand Becca's decision as he said, "We had a huge connection. We were progressing every single talk we had, and it came to an abrupt halt."

During his turn, Colton used the opportunity to explain about things he had with Tia. He said that Tia encouraged him to go on the show, adding that he had no idea that she still had feelings for him months later. Colton also assured everyone that he had nothing against her for telling the truth to Becca.

"She knew how hard of a conversation that was for me and really wanted to make sure she gathered her thoughts and articulated something that was meaningful," he spoke of Becca storming off the table after he told him that he's virgin.

It went emotional later as Colton almost broke down in tears while opening up, "I feel like people think I’m less of a man because of it. And that's the hardest thing for me to hear." In the end, Jordan apologized for joking about his situation.

Next up was Jason, who cried while talking about how Becca got his heart broken. "That was tough to comprehend," he confessed, before Becca came to the stage to join him. They talked it out, and they decided to hug it out as they agreed to be friends.

Becca also talked about Tia, urging fans not to criticize her. She also added that they're still close, and her decision to eliminate Colton was not affected by Tia's confession. "What she said didn't change in my heart what I was going to do," Becca said. The episode concluded with Jean apologizing to Becca for his actions on the show.

Chris R also apologized for "letting [his] insecurities take over." Not stopping there, he brought out a choir to sing an apology song for Becca.

"The Bachelorette" will air its season finale, in which Becca will make her final pick between Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen, on August 6 on ABC.

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