The Bardia Zeinali-directed music video features the musical duo singing and dancing in front of a bored-looking audience.

AceShowbiz - Troye Sivan's latest music video is basically a nod to everyone's favorite drama "High School Musical". Nearly a month after the South Africa-born singer premiered his Ariana Grande-assisted track "Dance to This", he unveiled the music video for the song on Thursday, July 19.

Directed by Bardia Zeinali, it opens with Troye stopping by what appears to be a community center where people are quietly eating and reading. He then hands a homemade CD to a man with a boombox and begins singing and dancing in front of the people in the room. Ariana is seen watching his performance from the back before gleefully joining him.

Despite the sleepy and boring reactions of those watching their performance, the duo clearly have the time of their lives. As the video progresses, they become increasingly into the song with more and more people leaving due to confusion. In the end, Troye and Ariana have the room to themselves and obviously take this opportunity to go all out. They run around the room and even dancing on tables.

It turns out all the fun that they have is just a mere imagination as Troye is seen listening to music on earphones as people in the room quietly do their own thing.

"Dance to This" is the fourth single off Troye's upcoming album "Bloom", which is due out on August 31. Speaking to E! News, the Australian singer explained that the song "is about that moment when you feel like you've been to enough house parties or events, and staying home and like, making out in the kitchen and cooking dinner sounds like a much, much better alternative."

He also dished on working with the pop princess in an interview with BBR Radio 1. "She's really fun," he said of Ariana. "My favorite thing is not telling people who it is, and then starting to play the song and as soon as she starts to sing, everyone's like, 'Are you serious?' Her voice is nuts."

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