Chance the Rapper Denies Rumors Saying He Will Release New Album Soon
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Taking to his Twitter account, the 'No Problem' hitmaker tweets, 'Sorry no album this week.'

AceShowbiz - Chance The Rapper has disappointed fans by dismissing rumours suggesting he will be releasing his highly-anticipated new album this week.

The No Problem hitmaker sparked speculation his new material would be hitting streaming services on Friday, July 20, after suggesting to The Chicago Tribune that the project's launch would coincide with his headlining 50th anniversary gig for the Special Olympics in his native Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday.

"He's finishing up the follow-up album to his Grammy-winning 2016 release Coloring Book, which he says will be out in a few days," reporter Greg Kot wrote in the article, which was published on Monday, July 16.

Chance was then quoted as saying, "I'm excited for everybody to get that. It's going to come out just in time for the Special Olympics."

Fans have been sharing their excitement on social media ever since, but on Tuesday, Chance admitted they would have to wait a little longer for the project.

"Sorry no album this week," he tweeted, before adding, "def been in the stu (studio) tho (sic)".

Twitter users were quick to express their disappointment at the news.

"quit playing w (with) me chance (sic)," commented one follower, while another remarked, "Damn...Why you gotta do me like that (sic)".

The Coloring Book follow-up isn't the only album Chance has been busy working on. He previously revealed he was teaming up with fellow Chicago native Kanye West to produce a seven-track release, although they have yet to discuss possible release dates for the joint project, which they began working on recently in Wyoming, where the Stronger rapper had set up a secluded studio.

"We're up in the mountains around these wild animals - it's very different out there - and we got some music done, and then he (Kanye) asked me if he could do an album with me," Chance shared.

"I don't know of a timeline on it yet, the trajectory of it, but he's coming here to work on it some more. We've just started making it, but I don't want to manipulate the situation and impose any time frame, because that can hinder you."

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