Khalid and Noah Cyrus Tapped as New Faces of Hollister's Anti-Bullying Campaign

In addition to the anti-bullying campaign, the young stars will front a back-to-school fashion initiative called Carpe the Fit Out of Denim.

AceShowbiz - Singers Khalid and Noah Cyrus have teamed up with teen clothing brand Hollister for a special new anti-bullying campaign.

The young stars are spokespeople for the label's fresh partnership with tech company Sit With Us, an app that helps solitary students connect with other kids so they can eat lunch together at school and avoid sitting through mealtimes alone.

Khalid and Noah are huge fans of the effort, with the musicians explaining they have both had their fair share of painful episodes as school students.

"I've definitely been a new kid and I've not necessarily been pushed to the side, but treated as if I'm of no importance because I was new," Khalid told Billboard. "It was definitely hard for me not having a place to sit."

Noah, the sister of pop star Miley Cyrus, was also subjected to torment from her peers because of her famous family name, and the bullying became so bad she had to switch schools.

"I had some s**tty kids in school say some stuff to me about my family or my last name, so my father or brother would sit with me at school even though we only had 45 kids," she recalled. "Lunchtime is hard when you don't have a lot of friends."

In addition to the anti-bullying campaign, which kicks off in September, the stars will also front a back-to-school fashion initiative, called Carpe the Fit Out of Denim for Hollister, which kicks off later this month, as well as holiday promotional material for the company later this year.

American Teen star Khalid and Make Me hitmaker Noah have been lifelong fans of the brand and are elated with their new roles.

"Every kid in my high school or middle school had a pair of Hollister jeans and Hollister flannel," Khalid, 20, smiled, with Noah gushing, "My brothers loved Hollister underwear. Their jeans are the only ones that fit me. I had trouble getting jeans when I was growing up. I had little skinny legs and this booty that came out of nowhere. I said, 'Just pay me in jeans'."

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