Jennifer Lawrence Enjoys Filming Torture Scenes in 'Red Sparrow'
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The Dominika Egorova depicter insists that the scenes, which include rape and brutal murder, are more fun to film than to watch.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lawrence had a great time filming the "Red Sparrow" torture scenes with co-star Joel Edgerton.

The actress plays Russian ballerina-turned-spy Dominika Egorova in Francis Lawrence's thriller, while Joel portrayed Nate Nash, a CIA operative.

Many critics noted the film's graphic violent content, which includes scenes depicting rape and brutal murder, but Jennifer insists that the sequences were more fun to film than they are to watch.

"In Red Sparrow, the torture scenes were pretty fun. Joel pretended to be tickled by the skin grafting machine that was peeling his skin off," the 27-year-old explained in an interview with the London Evening Standard newspaper. "There was blood everywhere and he was like, 'Hee hee hee hee', so that was funny. I was basically being tortured with a NERF (toy brand) paddle so it wasn't that bad."

In order to prepare for the challenging role, the actress was required to take up ballet lessons so she could embody the character's impressive dance skills on the big screen, and perfect a Russian accent.

And Jennifer admits that she wasn't always enthused at the thought of continuing her hard work away from the film set.

"I am not, as the director says, what you call a 'homework actress,'" she laughed. "It was miserable, but I think we got enough done that that part of the movie works. Then, for dialect, I'd never done a foreign accent before so I spent about four months before the movie just figuring out what kind of dialect my character would have."

As the film star prepares to reprise her X-Men role Mystique in "Dark Phoenix" next year, she's convinced that she is far better suited to acting than espionage.

"I'm good at keeping secrets, but I'm not good at doing things that are hard or make me uncomfortable physically and I'm very lazy," she confessed. "I like at least 10 hours of sleep and I don't have a strong work ethic so I don't think I'd be a very good spy."

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