Eve Never Thought She'd Get Married Before Meeting Husband Maximillion Cooper

In an interview, the rapper shares that she first thought she would be 'dating for the rest of my life.'

AceShowbiz - Rapper Eve never thought she'd be a wife before she met her husband Maximillion Cooper.

The Who's That Girl hitmaker started dated the British entrepreneur in 2010 and they wed four years later, but now Eve explains that just before she met her man she had come to terms with the idea of never marrying.

"I kind of was like, 'I guess I'm never going to get married'," she said on her U.S. chat show The Talk on Thursday, July 05. "My mother even said to me once, 'Well, not everyone is meant to get married', and I was like, 'OK cool, I guess I'll just be dating for the rest of my life'."

"I honestly was OK with it," she added. "I was like, 'It is what it is. It might not be for everyone. And then I met Max and I was like, 'Oh, OK'."

The 39-year-old has previously revealed she fell head over heels for Max when she first met him.

"I've never been in a relationship with a man in this way and I always say it's my grown-up relationship," she said in March. "We just love each other and support each other and I've never had that before, and I can't wait to have a baby so I can feel that love."

Since meeting Cooper, Eve has also learned how to really show her love for her man - because he always treats her like a queen.

"I'm not a romantic, but I'm gonna get better," she said in December (17). "When we were first dating, one of our first big trips away, he took me to China, he took me to the Great Wall. The reason why he did that was because one morning, I woke up and said to him, 'Oh my God, I just had the best dream, I was... on top of the Great Wall!'

"He was like, 'OK...' and a few months later, that was our trip. He took me away. He's good."

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