Keith Stanfield Has No Problem Going Nude for Orgy Scene in 'Sorry to Bother You'
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Recalling filming the scene in an interview, the actor notes, 'It wasn't strange to me at all.'

AceShowbiz - "Get Out" star Lakeith Stanfield had "no reservations" about going nude on camera for an orgy scene in his new movie "Sorry To Bother You".

Writer/director Boots Riley's sci-fi satire follows Stanfield as dazed telemarketer Cassius 'Cash' Green, who discovers a magical key to professional success, which catapults him into an alternate reality of Oakland, California.

One scene called for him to shed his clothes and engage in his character's sexual fantasies, and while some stars may think twice about being completely naked on the big screen, Stanfield insists it didn't phase him at all.

"I do find I'm a little more comfortable than the average person in strange situations, which is probably why I'm an actor," he explained to The Associated Press. "I've been in some strange situations. Like orgies. And I was in an orgy in this movie. It wasn't strange to me at all. I had no reservations about getting naked."

Stanfield happily let it all hang out on camera, but suggests Riley decided against making the movie particularly X-rated: "I was supposed to be naked in this, full frontal," he shared, before grinning, "Maybe I am, I don't know."

It was his relaxed approach to how he would be depicted onscreen which won him the role in the first place, according to Riley, but Stanfield's unique acting method did prompt some cause for concern as the production start date loomed, because he had yet to learn his lines.

"He's like, 'I don't usually do that until right before (filming),'" Riley recalled. "His brain is still going through a process of finding the words. It might just be a millisecond more, but it's not that polished thing. That makes the lines more real for him. That's what all the fantastical elements and the absurdity rely on."

Sorry to Bother You", which has already won rave reviews, opens on Friday, July 6.

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