Mario Lopez to Undergo Surgery After Tearing Achilles Tendon

The star previously shared on Instagram that he spent his Fourth of July in an emergency room.

AceShowbiz - Actor-turned-TV presenter Mario Lopez is set to undergo surgery on Friday, July 6, after suffering a painful leg injury on America's Independence Day holiday.

The former "Saved by the Bell" star took to Twitter on Wednesday, July 4 to share a photo of himself frowning and giving a thumbs down signal while sitting in an emergency room hospital bed.

"Celebrating the 4th in the E.R...," he explained in the caption. "Tore my achilles (sic) sparring. So frustrated. No boxing or jiujitsu (sic) for a while. Maybe God's telling me to slow down... Bout to get hooked up with some good pain meds tho (sic)."

He went on to add a series of hashtags, admitting there would be "No Sparring For A While" as he moaned, "This Sucks".

Mario was able to enjoy a little of America's annual birthday as he later returned to his Los Angeles home with a cast on his left leg, and posted a snap of himself putting his feet up by a swimming pool as he prepared to light up a cigar.

He also uploaded footage of himself hobbling around on crutches during a family gathering, and poked fun at his condition, writing beside the image, "Peg leg..."

On Thursday, Mario was back in hospital for a consultation, and revealed he would be going under the knife on Friday.

"So I have to have major surgery tomorrow for my Achilles tendon, and these nice ladies are taking care of me," he told fans in a video clip, as he turned to a trio of nurses standing behind his wheelchair.

"Can you make sure I'm all right?" he asked as they all smiled and waved to the camera.

Mario then joked that he was concerned about the surgeon's lack of experience, concluding, "He's a little young, but wish me luck...!"

He also shared his apprehension about his recovery time in the video's caption, adding, "Major surgery going down tomorrow. Talk about a monkey wrench! I don't do well just laying around... #PrayersUp".

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