Rapper Boonk Gang Shares Another Sex Tape on Twitter After His Instagram Gets Deleted

The Calabasas rapper upset everyone when he shared uncensored videos of him engaging in sexual acts with a woman on Instagram Stories.

AceShowbiz - Boonk Gang's Instagram account was shut down on Monday, July 2, a day after he posted a series of NSFW videos of himself engaging in sexual acts with a woman. The rapper, whose real name is John Robert Hill Jr., shared the graphic clips which he took himself on his Instagram Stories.

The videos stayed on Boonk's feed for several hours after he posted them before Instagram deleted his account. Boonk immediately became a trending topic on Twitter and many people recorded the videos and shared the X-rated sex tape on social media.

While some of them were upset that he violated Instagram's policy, some other have shown concern about the Calabasas rapper's self-destructive lifestyle. "Boonk gang wildin - another reason why our generation weird . Bruh doing anything for a name," one tweeted.

Another wrote, "this boonk gang dude needed to stay relevant so he posted vids of him doing the dirty on insta story . this the type of people some of y'all support!? Ugly....." One other similarly commented, "After watching that dude's Instagram that got blocked I'm like, what is wrong with the world? Down on a lady and she's recording to post on your timeline, how stupid are these tattooed kids. Must you post literally everything on social media."

But Boonk doesn't seem to show any remorse. The "Muttin" rapper, who declared he likes "to have a lot of sex" on Twitter, posted another sex tape on the micro-blogging site on Monday. In the uncensored video, he videotaped himself having sex with a white chick. He captioned it, "#wholelottagangs**t."

Boonk has had a history of breaking the law. Three months ago, he was arrested after the Los Angeles County Sheriff searched his Calabasas home and found assault weapons and drugs. He was taken into custody on felony charges of possession of assault weapons and possessing prescription medication without a prescription.

In 2017, he was arrested twice at a Dunkin' Donuts in Miami for burglary. He allegedly took an entire tray of glazed donuts during his action in May that year, and was also cited for petty theft during his arrest in July.

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