Celebrities' Most Outrageous Street Styles
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Whether it's intentionally to gain attention or they simply don't have good fashion sense, these stars failed to dress properly on casual outings.

AceShowbiz - It has been common knowledge that as public figures, celebrities and their appearances are often under constant media glare. Whether it's at public events or on their daily activities, their styles and outfits are always subjects to fans and critics' judgment.

While they can rely on their stylists for their red carpet looks, stars, like normal human beings, are not all gifted with good fashion sense. Here are some of the examples of the most outrageous celebrities' street styles, though some of them intentionally dressed that way to gain attention.

1. Too Bright to Stand Out

Too Bright to Stand Out

Amber Rose's neon color bodysuit and colorful sneakers at Coachella made it seem like she's going to a fitness center rather than to a music festival.

2. Is It Halloween in March?

Is It Halloween in March?

Bella Thorne rocked a black coat with red accents, paired with fishnet stockings and red lace up boots on a snowy day. Added with her fiery red hair, she looked like someone who's dressing up for a Halloween party.

3. Mismatched Accessory

Mismatched Accessory
WENN/David Sims

Helena Bonham Carter's floral print skirt design looked like a curtain pattern, but it's the combination of her jacket, coat, skirt, leggings, shoes and hair accessory which made it tough to watch.

4. A Look That Cannot Be Missed

A Look That Cannot Be Missed

Lady GaGa always knows how to make sure all eyes on her, even when she's the only one under the spotlight. Her yellow dress with dramatic shoulders was just one of her outrageous outfits that she recently sported when out and about in New York City.

5. Rainbow on Her Clothes

Rainbow on Her Clothes

Perhaps to express her cheerful mood that day, Miley Cyrus donned this colorful stripped jacket and pants when shopping at Chanel on Rodeo Drive. (Realizing that she needed a better outfit?)

6. To a Party or a Park?

To a Party or a Park?

Phoebe Price's sheer green dress with floral details was not bad at all, but definitely not the best choice when one steps out to walk a dog.

7. Sometimes, Less Is Not Better

Sometimes, Less Is Not Better

Pixie Lott's see-through fishnet top left very little to the imagination when she attended Miley Cyrus' party. And her funny glasses didn't match her sexy outfit.

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