The visuals features the four members doing various activities, with Taemin working out at the gym and Onew producing music.

AceShowbiz - SHINee has released the third and final installment of their sixth full-length album "The Story of Light". Along with the release of the effort, the South Korean group premiered music video for track "Our Page", which is dedicated to late member Jonghyun.

Released on June 25, the visuals features the four members working hard on their own, doing various activities. Onew is seen producing music, while Taemin is working out at the gym. Near the end of the music video, they come together to perform the song atop of stairs, where a fifth mic stands left untouched.

According to SM Entertainment, the song reflects the group's message of "We will be together until the end." It features the members singing about the story of the boyband over gentle echoing electric keys and rhythmic percussion. "When I look back on the path that I walked along, I see five folded hands, tears, and memories," Minho sings, before they rhyme together, "The beautiful words you left behind/ They become a poem, a song/ Voices fly to the place where you are/ We know it will reach you."

"Our Page" is the lead track off "The Story of Light Ep. 3", the final installment of "The Story of Light". The two previous installments of the set recently landed the group on Billboard's World Albums chart, with the first installment sitting at No. 11 while the second one debuted at No. 4.

During a recent press conference, SHINee revealed that the first installment represents how the public see the group, while the second installment reflects how they see themselves. The final installment, meanwhile, reflects an alternative point of view of the group.

"When you think of SHINee, you think light and color," Key said. "I feel the light has lightness and darkness, together. So rather than letting others define what that light is, we want to define what that light represents. Since we're SHINee, we want to shine our way through."

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