The visuals features the four-piece group performing laid-back dance while singing the electronic pop song.

AceShowbiz - SHINee is celebrating their tenth anniversary by releasing multiple albums as well as music video for lead track "Good Evening". The track is included on the group's "The Story of Light Ep. 1", the first installment of their sixth full-length album "The Story of Light".

Released on May 28, the visuals features the four-piece group performing laid-back dance while singing the electronic pop song, which sampled 112's classic hit "Cupid". "I'll race against this darkness/ To come get you/ Banking on the hopes that/ You might be thinking of me too," they sing. "I'll be missing you/ Tonight, tonight, tonight/ And I just can't take it/ So I'll come and get you."

The end of the music video sees the boys, clad in colorful outfits, happily running around a forest as they ends up looking at something in the well.

Ahead of the release of the album and music video, SHINee held a Naver V Live broadcast entitled "After Shinee Day" in celebration of their tenth anniversary. During the broadcast, the members looked back on their time together and shared heartfelt messages to each other.

Onew told Key, "Although you must have felt frustrated and uneasy during the past 10 years, thank you for remaining in the same place," while the latter told Minho, "How can a person stay so exactly the same? We used to fight a lot, but as we spent more time together, we ended up fighting less. I won't change, so don't you change either. I love you."

Meanwhile, Minho said to Taemin, "Taemin, it's now our tenth anniversary. You've suffered a lot, and living under us for 10 years must have been tiring, so thank you for being so patient. Let's make even better memories in the future." Last but not least, Taemin told Onew, "I really like our soft and squishy hyung. It must have been hard for such a soft person to be a leader, and seeing you get your feelings hurt made me realize just how much effort you've been making. Thank you."

The second and third installment of "The Story of Light" will be released on June 11 and June 25 respectively. It marks their first album since the passing of member Jonghyun in December last year.

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