The 'Girls Trip' star plays a newly released inmate who has to rebuild her life and her relationship with her family while trying to find a man who's cat-fishing her sister.

AceShowbiz - Prepare for a laugh storm this fall with a new film starring Tiffany Haddish. From writer and director Tyler Perry, "Nobody's Fool" is ready to hit theaters across the nation on November 2 and now Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for viewing pleasure.

In the upcoming comedy, the "Girls Trip" star and Tika Sumpter play mismatched sisters, Tanya and Danica, who reconnect after Tanya is released from prison. "Free at last! Free at last! I'm about to go out here and shake this ass. Can we go to the club?" Tanya asks after Danica and her friend, played by "Glee" alum Amber Riley, pick her up from jail.

Tanya has to start over and is looking for a job. She gets hired at a coffee shop and is a bit confused when filling out the paperwork. "Where it say sex, what you want me to put right there?" she asks her employer. He asks back, "What you wanna put?" and she responds, "Plenty."

"My sister is a bit much," Danica warns the coffee shop owner. Tanya is later seen snapping at a customer who takes a little more time to make order.

Tanya soon learns about Danica's love interest Charlie, whose picture is put on display at her apartment. When Tanya finds out that Danica has never seen Charlie in person and has only been talking online with him for a year, she begins to suspect that he's cat-fishing her sister. "If a man looks too good to be true, he is," Tanya says. "You're being catfished."

Danica is apparently agreeing with her sister as she later says, "We need to find this son-of-a-b***h who catfished me." Tanya adds, "And we gonna tear his ass up." Tanya is later seen crashing a wedding at a church.

Meanwhile, Tanya may need a little more time to rebuild her relationship with her mother, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Her mother refuses to open the door when Tanya comes to visit her. Tanya walks over to a window and shouts, "Mama, I know it's you." Her mother opens the window, but hilariously still tries to avoid any contact with her daughter. "This connection is so rickety," she says, prompting Tanya to respond, "What? Mama, you in the window."

Also starring Omari Hardwick, Missi Pyle and Jon Rudnitsky, the film is produced by Tyler Perry under his Tyler Perry Studios banner.

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