'The Bachelorette' Recap: Becca Calls Off a Date After a Guy Lies to Her

Becca Kufrin eliminates five guys in double rose ceremony, including Jean Blanc who lies to her about his feelings for her.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" returned on Monday, June 18 after last week's cliffhanger. Picking up where the last episode left off, it started with a rose ceremony where Becca Kufrin sent home two guys following Clay Harbor's withdrawal due to his injury.

David Ravitz, who was sent to hospital last week after falling off the top bunk of his bed, returned in time for the cocktail party and was awarded a rose ahead of the ceremony to allow him to rest. Becca sent home Ryan Peterson and Mike Renner.

For this week's dates, Becca and the remaining 15 guys traveled to Park City, Utah. Garrett scored the first one-on-one date and it was no surprise as it's obvious that Becca has a lot of interest in him. "With Garrett, every time I think about him I get butterflies. He just makes me feel like I can be me and be my goofy self and he embraces that, because he's the same way," Becca gushed about Garrett. "He reminds me of home. I feel like my dad is watching throughout this and Garrett is just somebody that he would really, really like. And that honestly warms my heart."

Becca and Garrett explored Park City and bobsledded with former Olympic medalists. On the evening portion of the date, Becca tried to find out more about Garrett's dating history and she was surprised to find out that he's divorced. He said that he fell in love with a woman right out of college and got engaged about a year and a half later. They got married a year later, but split after just two months into the marriage.

"I think that I fell in love with and got married to the wrong person," he explained, adding that his ex was "emotionally abusive" and caused a tension between him and his family and friends. But he insisted that he had healed and is ready "to build a true, strong connection." And with that, he got a rose.

Back at the hotel, Lincoln and the rest of the guys had a debate over Lincoln's belief that the world is flat. But that was far from the most awkward moment of the episode.

During the group date, Becca and 13 of the remaining guys dressed up in matching flannels to play lumberjacks. The guys had a wood-chopping, log-flipping and axe-throwing competition. It was all fun until at the after party, where Jean Blanc tried to convince Becca that he was falling in love with her.

Becca didn't reciprocate his feelings, so she decided to send him home. As she walked him out, Jean admitted that he didn't actually mean what he said and that he said it because Becca wanted to hear that. Becca was upset because he lied to her.

When she came back inside, she told the other guys what happened and told them, "I'm really mad right now. I'm so pissed because I only am asking for honesty from you guys. That's all I want. And to not get that, I feel so disrespected. So if anyone else can't be honest with me from here on out, I don't want you here." She then abruptly called off the date.

Up next was a one-on-one date with Wills. Becca admitted she was feeling "off" after the incident with Jean, but Wills managed to change her mood. He opened up about his last failed relationship and got a rose.

"With Wills, he's been one of the more reserved guys but he really surprised me tonight," she said. "We've both experienced the heartbreak, the blindside, and he's still able to be open and vulnerable and share that side of him when I can tell it's not easy. I feel like I can genuinely trust him."

Later, it's time for another rose ceremony. Becca canceled the cocktail party and handed out the roses straight away. Nick and Christon didn't get a rose and were sent packing.

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