Rebecca Ferguson Knows Artists Who've Attempted Suicide Due to Abuse in the Industry

The former 'X Factor' finalist says she knows two young artists who attempted suicide at the hands of music industry people and thus urges an outside regulatory body to oversee the industry.

AceShowbiz - Rebecca Ferguson is urging music industry bosses to be answerable to a regulator, as she knows young artists who have attempted suicide.

The former "X Factor" finalist, who once dated Zayn Malik, has been vocal about the abuse, bullying and racism she has been subjected to since embarking on a singing career, which has led her to start a petition calling for an outside regulatory body to oversee the industry.

And in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, she told presenter Phil Williams that the abuse of power in music is a common occurrence.

"I know two young artists who attempted suicide at the hands of these (music industry) people," she stated. "So, you know it's all fun and games for people to say 'Well, you're rich enough, it's showbiz.' I think, no, not actually. We're human beings and we want to be in this industry to perform and give our God-given talent. We are not here to be slaves, to be abused, to be misused, to be targeted. We're here to give our gift and share it with you, the world. And the least you can do for our taking our gift and enjoying it is giving us a regulatory body that looks after us."

So far, the Liverpool-born singer has garnered 16,000 signatures but needs to hit 100,000 to have the petition debated in parliament.

However, Rebecca is not daunted by the task ahead of her and is ready to "push the goal posts" past 100,000.

"If Parliament don't hear it, I'll take it to the EU (European Union). If the EU don't hear it I'll take it to the UN (United Nations)," the 31-year-old promised. "I think it's going to take a lot of partnership with people like the FAC (Featured Artists Coalition), politicians, other much bigger artists.

"But I think if I push and if I'm determined, you know if it takes me 10 years, I do think that I can get a regulatory body in the music industry and I actually think that it'll make artists a lot happier, it will make it a much safer environment, and it will get rid of the old fat cats, who've frankly had their day."

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