Lily Allen Dedicates Song 'F**k You' to Enemy Piers Morgan at London Gig
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Piers responds after learning that Lily dedicated her song to him at concert, 'Awww, you really don't take rejection well do you @lilyallen....'

AceShowbiz - Lily Allen dedicated her expletive-laden song to Piers Morgan at a London gig over the weekend (June 09-10).

To celebrate the release of her new album "No Shame", the singer performed at G-A-Y nightclub in London on Saturday, June 09, and while on stage, she reignited her row with British broadcaster Morgan.

The pair became embroiled in a Twitter feud over one of Lily's necklaces, a pendant with a machine gun, earlier in June, and Morgan cancelled her planned promotional appearance on "Good Morning Britain", which he co-hosts, at the last minute.

Recalling the row at the London show, Lily dedicated her song "F**k You" to the former newspaper editor, to the delight of her fans.

"Lily Allen dedicating F**k You to Piers Morgan last night was a moment," one concertgoer wrote on Twitter.

Another posted: "Lily Allen dedicating 'F*** You' to Piers Morgan really made my night."

The chorus of the expletive-laden song goes: "F**k you (f**k you), F**k you very, very much, Cause we hate what you do, And we hate your whole crew, So, please don't stay in touch..."

The "Sheezus" hitmaker was due to appear on the early morning breakfast show last week to promote her new album, but the TV anchor personally shut down the appearance, which Lily called a "misogynistic abuse of power". Piers replied: "I didn't cancel you because you're a woman. I cancelled you because you're annoying."

After hearing that Lily had dedicated her song to him, Piers wrote on Twitter: "Awww, you really don't take rejection well do you @lilyallen..."

Lily replied: "I take it, use it and turn it into $$$ mostly. Thanks for letting me play you this week."

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old has received positive reviews for her new album, with British newspaper The Independent praising Lily's "return to form... (with) a confident, well-produced and deeply personal work."

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