Hugh Jackman Urges His 'Ridiculously Blessed' Children to Help Others

The 'Greatest Showman' actor shares his advice to his kids, 'My kids have so many advantages. And I want them to know that they have a responsibility to use those advantages to help others.'

AceShowbiz - Hugh Jackman wants his "ridiculously blessed" children to help those in need.

"The Greatest Showman" star shares son Oscar, 18, and daughter Ava, 12, with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, and revealed the greatest life lesson he's teaching their children is to understand that while they may live in luxury, they can help others who do not.

"My kids have so many advantages," the 49-year-old told People. "And I want them to know that they have a responsibility to use those advantages to help others. My kids are constantly reminded about how lucky we are in our family."

"We're ridiculously blessed. We live in a beautiful home in places that other people dream of. But in terms of the world, we're even more blessed," Jackman added. "One out of six people doesn't have clean drinking water. They can't comprehend how we live."

The Australian star founded his Laughing Man Coffee company after meeting a young coffee farmer called Dukale while on a trip to Ethiopia.

Since its inception, the firm has donated a large portion of its sales to the Laughing Man Foundation, which supports coffee farming communities and programs by ensuring fair trade.

"Dukale was just barely surviving over the line," the "Wolverine" star explained. "And I was inspired by him. I wanted to help."

And the star is determined to lead by example to encourage Oscar and Ava to follow in his philanthropic footsteps.

"I was brought up with parents who both did volunteer work and community work," Hugh said. "They gave back. After my father retired, he donated his services as an accountant to developing nations for three years. So it always felt normal to me to give back. I want it to feel normal for my kids."

"I am ridiculously blessed. I don't need any more money. I'm totally good. So if I can use whatever power I have now to share with others, that's my hope. And I want my kids to be with me every step of the way."

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