The new music video features a minute of bonus content, including extended footage of the boys' individual scenes in the first music video.

AceShowbiz - BTS (Bangtan Boys) fans surely didn't see it coming. When they continue gushing over the boyband's new song "Fake Love" and music video, the seven-piece group unleashed a rock remix of the song as well as its music video on June 1.

The new version of "Fake Love" features drums pound and electric guitars squeal on the chorus, adding rock vibes to the dramatic song. The music video itself is similar to the one originally released on May 18, except that it features a minute of bonus footage. Some of them are extended footage of the boys' individual scenes in the first music video.

The most intriguing part of the new version is undoubtedly the ending scene, which shows member Jungkook walking to a courtyard in a black hooded cape, joining six hooded figures whose faces are covered by Venetian masks. As the camera zooms out to show the hooded figures, they are crushed by a falling huge box.

Following the release of the music video, many start to interpret the meaning behind the visuals. Some others, however, admit they don't understand what BTS is trying to say through their new clip. "Year 2092, I'm 92. I still don't understand bighit's story," one confused fan writes, to which another responds, "Eternal confusion is our only meaning in life when it comes to BTS' storyline."

"Fake Love" is the lead single off the group's latest album "Love Yourself: Tear", which was released on May 18. The effort debuted atop Billboard 200 chart, making the boyband the first K-Pop act to top the chart in addition to marking their first No. 1 album.

Congratulating the group for their new achievement, South Korean leader Moon Jae In issued a statement which read, "I congratulate BTS on topping the Billboard 200 with their album titled 'Love Yourself: Tear'. This is the first ever Korean album to claim the top spot, and also the first non-English album to do so in 12 years." He added, "Thank you to BTS for spreading joy across Korea and the world with your great performances."

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