Jenna Dewan Denies Work Ends Her Marriage to Channing Tatum

'The moves I'm making are completely not related to my marriage or separation, interestingly enough,' she opens up.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Dewan has revealed her split from estranged husband Channing Tatum had nothing to do with their booming careers.

The former couple announced its separation in April after nine years of marriage and following the break-up, rumours began circulating suggesting their busy work schedules caused the split, but Jenna insists their professional lives were not an issue in the marriage.

"The moves I'm making are completely not related to my marriage or separation, interestingly enough," she tells "I was always very happy being a wife. (However, I started to think), 'Who are you? What do you want to give to the world? What excites you?' Those feelings started bubbling up for me, naturally... so I really wanted to expand my life, and myself. And that was my journey, no one else's."

Jenna signed on to host hit U.S. TV competition "World of Dance" in 2017 and she is happy to be focusing on creative projects in her new life as a single woman.

"I feel a sense of joy and freedom and excitement, truly, about a new chapter in my life," she shares. "And I have no attachments to how that's going to look, or what that's going to be. I feel really open, and I feel hopeful."

Jenna reveals she started thinking about branching out years before her separation from Channing, when she was in Peru working with non-profit Plant Med.

"(I came back thinking), 'Alright, let's make your life the best version of your life that it can be. Let's think broader. Let's think bigger'," she explains.

"I expanded, I grew up, I matured. I'm a very ambitious, passionate person. And when an idea comes in, and once you see the light, it's really hard to un-see the light."

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