Run The Jewels Turned Down 'Racist' NFL's Free Song Request
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El-P shares the story after NFL decides to fine players who choose to kneel during the U.S. National Anthem.

AceShowbiz - Rappers Run The Jewels once banned officials at America's National Football League (NFL) from using their song Legend Has It during the Super Bowl because they wanted it for free.

El-P, one half of the hip-hop duo, took to Twitter on Thursday ,May 24, to offer up the story in response to NFL bosses' controversial decision to fine players who choose to kneel during the U.S. National Anthem at the start of each game going forward.

The stance was previously made popular by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to protest the ongoing issue of police brutality against African-Americans, but new rules announced on Wednesday mean any athlete who continues to kneel during the National Anthem going forward will be financially penalised.

"NFL been trash," he wrote. "they asked for the rights to play legend has it in the stadium during the superbowl. we said no because f**k them. they operate like they're an indispensable public utility. they aren't. they are gone with the flip of a channel...

"And just in case anyone is wondering how much the NFL wanted to pay us for using 'Legend Has It,' that would be zero dollars and the strong suggestion that we take them up on the opportunity to enrich a private, racist and for-profit company masquerading as a non profit. B**w me (sic)."

NFL authorities actually gave up the organisation's tax-exempt status as a non-profit group in 2015, but El-P insists he was just trying to encourage fans of the sport to recognise how they could force NFL chiefs to make real changes to the way the brand is run if they take action.

He later added, "i only told that story because i wanted to make the point that its all a choice. its fun and great to watch the games with fam and friends if thats your thing, but you control it and if you gotta change the channel to put a dunce cap on these clowns so be it, no (sic)?"

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