The 'Bodyrock' hitmaker says his next memoir will reveal more extreme stories about his life, including his relationship with Natalie Portman.

AceShowbiz - Moby once came within moments of killing himself but had second thoughts after smelling the plastic bag he'd tied over his head.

The electronic dance musician is now a clean living vegan, but the 52-year-old was once a hell-raising star, and he fell off the rails after the success of his fifth album "Play" in 1999.

During a drinking binge in New York City in 2007, the star decided to end it all after reading up about suicide.

"I'd read an article about how one of the ways (people) kill themselves is by tying plastic bags around their heads. So I tried that," he told the Daily Telegraph. "The bag smelled strongly of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). So even though I was blind drunk and out of my mind on drugs, some little voice in my head said: 'Your last moment on earth should not be smelling the inside of a garbage bag'. So that didn't work."

The "Natural Blues" musician, real name Richard Melville Hall, also confessed that the aborted suicide bid isn't the only time he considered taking his own life.

"There was one experience in 2002, an MTV Awards in Barcelona (Spain)," he added. "I was staying at this super-fancy hotel, and I'd just won an award. And I was so anxious and depressed, all I wanted to do was throw myself out of the window, but the windows didn't open wide enough."

Moby shocked fans in 2016 when he published the first volume of his memoirs, "Porcelain" - which covered his life up to the release of "Play" and included plenty of tales of rock star excess. He plans to release a second book next year, and promises it will be even more extreme.

"The bottom isn't even in sight in 'Porcelain'! That was the mid-90s," he explained. "The true bottom is 2008. When I submitted the manuscript to (his publisher) Faber, they actually came back to me and said: 'Are you sure you want to include some of this?' "

In the Daily Telegraph interview, he also promised the book would reveal all about his relationship with actress Natalie Portman, who he dated in 2001.

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