'American Idol' Reveals Top 3 - Find Out Who Makes the Cut

That night, each contestant sang 2 songs with one being a Mother's Day tribute and the other was Carrie Underwood's hit.

AceShowbiz - "American Idol" announced its Top 3 in Sunday, May 10 episode. Before viewers get to know who would advance to next week's two-part finale, five remaining singers took the stage to deliver their best performance.

The episode opened with the five contentasts performing Carrie Underwood's "See You Again". They were later joined by Underwood halfway through the performance, which prompted the judges to give them a standing ovation.

That night, each contestant sang 2 songs with one being a Mother's Day tribute and the other was Underwood's hit. Michael J. Woodard was the first performer that night, singing "Flat on the Floor". Judge Lionel Richie loved it, while Katy Perry gushed that he's "exponentially special."

Gabby Barrett followed it up with her stunning rendition of Underwood's song "Last Name". Luke Bryan dubbed Barrett "Carrie Underwood reincarnated," as Richie said that it was "fabulous."

The next performer was Cade Foehner. He opted for a fierce rendition of "Undo It". The performance earned him a praise from the judges.

Later, Caleb Lee Hutchinson took the stage to sing "So Small" by Underwood. Richie said that Hutchinson was so authentic and "as real as it comes." Perry, however, thought that Hutchinson needed to "flap his wings" a little harder and work the crowd.

Meanwhile, Maddie Poppe belted out "I Told You So" for her performance that night. Perry said she is a huge fan of Poppe, adding that she wanted Poppe to put an album out "super quick" just so she can hear her music. Bryan echoed the remarks as he said he was excited to finally see Poppe perform a country song.

After Underwood delivered her latest single "Cry Pretty", Barrett performed Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" which was dedicated for her mother. Despite choosing a difficult song, Barrett killed it.

Foehner opted for Lynyrd Skynyrd's song "Simple Man" for his tribute his mom. The judges definitely loved his take on the song.

Performing next was Woodard. He sang "Still I Rise" that night and made eveyone speechless for the beautiful rendition.

Accompanied by his guitar, Hutchinson later performed "Stars in Alabama". Bryan praised him, adding that it was a great song choice for Hutchinson.

Before viewers got to know the results, Poppe took the stage to sing The Beach Boys' classic hit "God Only Knows". She got too emotional during the set that she barely could finish the song.

And now, it was the time to find out the Top 3. First to be announced as one of the advancing contestants was Hutchinson. Host Ryan Seacrest later revealed that Barret would join Hutchinson in the upcoming finale. That left Poppe, Foehner and Woodard in jeopardy as only one of them would be getting the final spot in the Top 3. Poppe took the final spot, while Foehner and Woodard being eliminated.

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