Ryan Reynolds Recalls 'Surreal' Encounter With Honeymooning Fans
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The 'Deadpool' actor reveals that he once awkwardly high-fived with a fan whose wife was 'very ill - not just throwing up ill, but really painting with her internal organs.'

AceShowbiz - Ryan Reynolds recently had a "surreal" encounter on a plane with a superfan who paid little attention to his sick bride. The "Deadpool" star is used to being recognised in public, but one encounter with a pair of newlyweds was particularly "surreal," because it occurred as the man's severely ill new wife was being carried off the aircraft.

"I was on a plane with a honeymooning couple and the bride became very ill - not just throwing up ill, but really painting with her internal organs," he recalled during a pre-taped appearance on Britain's "The Graham Norton Show", set to air on Friday night, May 11.

However, despite the woman's health issues, Ryan explained that the husband's attention wasn't entirely focused on the emergency situation.

"She was taken off the plane on a stretcher, it was so bad," the actor shared. "As her new husband followed her out, he spotted me and shouted, 'Deadpool! High five!' "

"It was a surreal moment - firstly, I didn't want to high five him just in case he was infected, and secondly, he seemed to have no concern for his dying wife!" he continued.

Ryan has reprised his role as the masked anti-hero for his upcoming Marvel sequel, "Deadpool 2", but reveals the form-fitting full-body costume left him with a fear of becoming ill, too.

"It is so tight. I am terrified I am going to throw up in the mask," he confessed. "There is no space in there at all!"

He managed to get through the shoot without any vomiting nightmares, and he is thrilled with the finished cut, which is "bolder and nuttier than the first".

"We've pushed things further," he told Norton. "It's supercharged and we are pumped up about it."

"Deadpool 2", which co-stars Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz, hits theatres next week (ends May18).

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