Glenn Frey's Widow Credits Eagles Revival for Her Family's Healing After Her Husband's Death

Cindy is grateful for the band's reunion with the addition of Frey's son Deacon and country star Vince Gill.

AceShowbiz - Glenn Frey's widow has saluted her late husband's Eagles bandmates for rocking on after his death. Drummer Don Henley suggested the Eagles would not be able to continue after his songwriting partner's death in 2016, but then he and his bandmates recruited Frey's son Deacon and country star Vince Gill to join, and they wowed fans with Classic East and Classic West festival performances last year (2017).

And now, the new-look Eagles are set to hit the road, and Frey's widow Cindy claims the revival is an important rite of passage for herself and her kids. "In a deep sort of weird way, it's a way of healing and living through grief for our family," she tells the Associated Press. "It's a family reunion for all of us and we're all doing it together. I don't know that there'd be anything else we could do that'd make us move through our grief in this way."

"As painful as it is at times, it's also deeply healing and comforting. It sort of makes us feel closer."

And she's thrilled Henley and company invited her son to join the band, adding, "As a mother, I couldn't be more proud of Deacon and his performance and his talent.

"I know that his dad would be as proud of him as I am. I think it's a wonderful thing - not just for our family - but for the fans to be able to see the music continue on and have another generation, another iteration of what it means. It's incredible."

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