Sandra Bullock Says Paparazzi Almost Ruined Her Daughter's Adoption Process

The 'Blind Side' actress says her son Louis would hide his sister under the trampoline when he heard a helicopter or drone possibly sent by paparazzi to take her daughter's picture.

AceShowbiz - Sandra Bullock was relieved when she could officially announce the adoption of her daughter, because she no longer feared the process would be ruined by the paparazzi. "The Blind Side" star became a mum to Laila in 2015, but she had to wait several months to make the announcement. She explains she had to keep the process a secret because if anything had gone wrong during the placement period, before the adoption was made official, her daughter could have been taken away from her.

Sandra, who is also a mum to son Louis, revealed all about her daughter in a People magazine article in December 2015, and she explains she felt a great sense of relief at the time.

"I had to figure out how to hide the kids' faces because there was a bounty on our heads," she tells InStyle magazine. "When you adopt a child, there's a placement period, and if something goes sideways, they have the right to take the child away. It's a tenuous, strenuous six months."

During the process, Bullock had to take Laila to the hospital for an "allergy scare," and while she was in the emergency room a photographer managed to get a shot of Laila, which Sandra and her legal team stopped from being published.

"So the word was out that I had another child," she adds. "And everyone wanted photos. It was heartbreaking. Louis would hear a helicopter or drone, and he'd run to get his sister and drag her across the lawn and hide her under the trampoline. So poor Laila had PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). But it took the bounty off once we did those official photos. Everything's a learning experience."

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