Kacey Musgraves Says Getting High Has Made Her More Compassionate

The 'Follow Your Arrow' hitmaker credits psychedelics for helping her focus on what is important in her personal relationships.

AceShowbiz - Country music star Kacey Musgraves credits psychedelics with making her more compassionate. The "Follow Your Arrow" hitmaker started experimenting with drugs in her early 20s and she explains the highs have helped her focus on what is important in her personal relationships.

"It made me more compassionate as a daughter, as a granddaughter - as a partner," she tells Rolling Stone magazine. "It put me in my place in the universe, gave me perspective that I think everyone should have. Yes, we're all special, but we're also nothing, just a fraction of a grain of sand in the book of time, and (you should) make what you have count and make the relationships around you mean something."

"And care for the Earth because we only have one," she adds. "Whenever you are affected by hallucinogenics, especially mushrooms, you care for the Earth. When you're, like, tripping, it just floods out."

Kacey previously opened up about her experiences on psychedelics, revealing she has had "profound experiences" while high. "Once I hit my 20s, I started going to Bonnaroo (music festival)...," she told Billboard magazine in March. "Honestly, psychedelics really made a giant impression on me. I was probably 21 or 22 when I tried (magic) mushrooms. I had profound experiences..."

However, she stressed she wouldn't advocate for the legalization of all drugs. "I mean, I don't need to be a lobbyist for anything - and what works for me may totally not work for someone else, but it makes me happy to see that people are getting help and healing from marijuana," she continued.

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