Heidi Klum Goes After Weinstein Company for 'Project Runway' Money

The German beauty claims that she had been due to receive a guaranteed pay cheque as producers told her back in March that a 17th season of the show is underway.

AceShowbiz - Supermodel-turned-TV personality Heidi Klum is taking officials at The Weinstein Company to court in a dispute over unpaid funds from her work on reality show "Project Runway". The German star has called on her lawyers to fight for money she claims is outstanding, after bosses at disgraced Harvey Weinstein's former production firm insisted they owe her nothing in recently-filed bankruptcy documents.

According to TheBlast.com, Klum failed to receive a proper accounting balance from TWC officials, and insists that although the amount of funds cannot currently be determined, she had been due to receive a guaranteed pay cheque as producers had already told her they were moving forward with a 17th season of Project Runway in March.

The news emerges days after it was reported Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence were owed more than $100,000 each by TWC chiefs, alongside previously revealed stars John Legend, Jerry Seinfeld, Julianne Moore, Peter Jackson, and Pierce Brosnan.

On Monday, April 30, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Leonardo DiCaprio added their names to the growing list of celebrity creditors, who are seeking royalty payments for projects previously backed by TWC bosses, before former chairman Harvey was hit with a string of sexual misconduct allegations in October (17), and forced to step down from the board.

In legal papers obtained by The Blast, lawyers for each of the plaintiffs explain they are objecting to the planned sale of TWC's assets amid fears that their clients will lose out on money owed as a result of bankruptcy court proceedings.

They all blame TWC executives' lack of proper accounting documents for the outstanding funds.

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