Ruston Kelly Slams Himself in New Single 'A**hole'

The country singer shares that he was inspired to write the song while spending his days behind the bars.

AceShowbiz - Kacey Musgraves' new husband Ruston Kelly penned his new song while spending the night behind bars. The country singer found himself in trouble with police in January, after he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for driving with an expired license back in 2015.

By his own admission, Ruston acted like an "a**hole" as he was taken into custody, but ended up writing a tune all about his regretable behaviour as he sat on the cold stone floor of the holding cell. He's turned the result into his new single, a tongue-in-cheek account of his run-in with the law.

After recalling how he spat on the floor as he was hauled into the police station, Ruston croons, "Taking everything for granted/ The moment someone does something nice/ I take advantage/ Easy, breezy only when it pleases me/ I've been told/ I'm kind of an a**hole."

He also sings about the uncomfortable ride home with Kacey, who was crying after picking him up from jail and the took him to task for his rude behaviour, but he ignored her and instead focused his attention on a game he was playing on his cell phone, "trying to think if there's any weed left at home."

Announcing the release of A**hole on Instagram, he writes, "Even though my full length record will be arriving soon, I don’t ever stop writing from my experiences. Constantly. So after writing this song in a jail cell a couple months ago, I decided to record an acoustic version of it for your listening pleasure."

Kacey has also used their relationship as inspiration for her songs, "Butterflies", from her new album "Golden Hour". It is a tune chronicling the couple's courtship.

The musicians, who wed last October, also recently teamed up for an acoustic take on Johnny Cash's poem "To June This Morning", which he wrote for his wife, June Carter Cash, in 1970. Musgraves and Kelly's rendition of the piece was included on the compilation album "Johnny Cash: Forever Words".

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