'Annabelle 3' Gets a Summer 2019 Release
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It appears that the previously-announced 'Conjuring' universe movie that will be released in 2019 is the third installment of 'Annabelle', not 'The Conjuring 3' nor 'The Crooked Man'.

AceShowbiz - Horror flicks' fans must be excited to know what exactly the movie that has been set to be released next summer is. It appears that the previously-announced "Conjuring" universe movie that will be released in 2019 is "Annabelle 3", not "The Conjuring 3" nor "The Crooked Man".

Warner Bros set a July 2019 release date for a new "Conjuring" Universe movie last week, without mentioning the title of the movie. Fans previously speculated that the movie might either be "The Conjuring 3" or "The Crooked Man" as the two movies have been in development for quite some time. Meanwhile, some others believed that the movie might be entirely different from the two. Then, the latter turns out to be true as the upcoming movie is actually "Annabelle 3".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman ("It") will make his directorial debut with the yet-untitled "Annabelle" movie, besides returning as a scriptwriter. Previously, Dauberman wrote the script of the first "Conjuring" spin-off and its sequel, "Annabelle: Creation". Meanwhile, through his Atomic Monster, James Wan will produce alongside Peter Safran through his Peter Safran Company.

Details of the movie are still kept under wraps. However, it is certain that it will once again tell a story of a porcelain doll that is possessed by a demonic force. There is also a rumor surrounding time setting of the movie saying that the movie may be set between "Annabelle" and "Annabelle: Creation" timelines as the two movies took place several years apart. As this rumor has not been confirmed yet, there is also possibility that time setting of the movie could be different.

The first installment of "Annabelle" was directed by John R. Leonetti. It made a total of $257 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the prequel, directed by David F. Randberg, scored a total of $300 million worldwide.

As previously announced, the untitled "Annabelle" movie will be released on July 3, 2019 in the United States.

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