Kate Middleton and Prince William May Have Revealed Royal Baby's Name
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When fans try searching a page for this name on the royal family's website, they receive a page that look exactly like Prince George and Princess Charlotte's pages.

AceShowbiz - Days after the birth of the royal baby, Kate Middleton and Prince William have left many people waiting for the announcement of their third child's name. However, there are rumors swirling on the internet saying that the royal couple has named their little bundle of joy after the royal family's website developer reportedly suffered a technical glitch.

On the website, there are pages dedicated to several family members including Prince Harry, Prince Charles and others. But fans can't find pages for Prince George or Princess Charlotte as their names are listed on a thread that read, "access denied."

And when fans try to search a page for Prince Albert, they receive a page that look exactly like Prince George and Princess Charlotte's pages. Further fueling the speculation, fans get a "Page Not Found" screen when they try searching pages for other names such as Arthur.

Kensington Palace has yet to respond whether or not Kate and William name their third child Albert.

In related news, a new report has surfaced saying that the reason why the royal parents have yet to announce the baby's name is because Prince Charles hasn't met his royal grandson.

The Duke of Cornwall had to travel to France this week to commemorate Anzac Day. And since both of Kate's parents as well as her siblings, Pippa Middleton and James Middleton, have already met the royal baby, the couple is likely waiting for Charles to meet the baby prince before they share his name to the world.

Kate gave birth to their third child on Monday, April 23 at 11:01 A.M. local time. He weighed at 8lbs., 7oz. Seven hours later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge debuted their son to the world when they prepared to go home. Kate was pictured wearing a red shift dress, while William wore a shirt, dark pants and a blue suit jacket.

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