The 'Wild 'n Out' star also affirms that he and Mariah, with whom he shares twins Moroccan and Monroe together, will always be family despite splitting up in 2016.

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon has nothing but praise for ex-wife Mariah Carey. The "America's Got Talent" judge reveals that he's in awe with her courage to go public with her struggle after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

"I have never seen one person have to deal with so much and have the weight of the world on their shoulders and cameras constantly in their face -- every angle you turn, there is someone snapping a picture, wanting you to be on, and she does it with so much grace and so much poise," Nick told Entertainment Tonight at Sugar Factory in New York City on Tuesday, April 24.

"The things that, you know, so many people have to deal with, so many different families -- so many people have internal things that they are dealing with -- and she continues to hold it together in a way where it just looks seamless," the "Wild 'n Out" star added. "Even when we were together I was in awe, but even on the outside looking in, it's like, she does it with so much strength and so much beauty, you can't argue with it, and she is going to help so many people."

The 37-year-old actor also shared that during their eight years of marriage, the former couple never treated Mariah's disease as a debilitating setback. "That's the thing. Everyone is like, 'Oh, it's this big secret.' I never looked at our lifestyle like that," Cannon explained."

"It's funny. People even said I have different chemical imbalances. There's a lot of depression when it comes to, like, Lupus, and even the medication and stuff," he went on saying. "I think we as a family didn't even look at it. I didn't even diagnose this. As a spiritual person I'm like, that's someone's opinion. So, when someone starts to place stigma or starts to categorize you, we didn't allow that into our household. It was never, you have this or I have this."

He opened up that despite splitting in 2016, he and the singing diva managed to maintain a friendly relationship. "We talk every day. And this is the thing... I got a way bigger mouth than she does," Nick said, adding that the "All I Want for Christmas Is You" hitmaker is "super private."

"But one thing we talked about [is] she said, 'I just don't want people to start thinking or treating me differently. I just want to go and make music and I want the kids to continue to love Mommy. I want the fans to continue to love Mariah.' That's all she cares about," he noted.

"There wil always be unconditional love and a great relationship," he said, adding that he and Mariah will always be family. "That is one of my best friends in life, so it is always going to be that, so the fact that there is no bad blood and we can still co-exist, I think that is the best place for it."

Both stars are co-parenting their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with Nick saying that they put the children as their "number one priority, and everything else falls in line." He continued, "And when you can come from a place of understanding and unconditional love for so many things, you can't really go wrong. ... I don't think we make it about us -- it would be very easy to throw our egos in what we believe we want to do with our time and effort."

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