Father John Misty Pokes Fun at Album Leak With Meme Using Album Artwork

The folk rocker turns his album artwork into a viral meme after Apple officials accidentally uploaded his entire album earlier than scheduled.

AceShowbiz - Folk rocker Father John Misty is dealing with an unexpected album leak with humour after a blunder by Apple Music bosses. The singer recently announced his new album, "God's Favorite Customer", would launch on 1 June and debuted two songs from the upcoming release on Wednesday, April 18.

However, some fans were able to get an unplanned preview of the whole project weeks before scheduled after Apple officials accidentally uploaded the entire album to its iTunes music service for streaming.

It was pulled down shortly after going live, but after the damage was done, Father John Misty decided to make light of the mess by turning the album's artwork into a viral meme.

The cover already featured a photo of the quirky star looking gloomily into the camera as he pinched the top of his nose, and he decided to use the same shot to detail his reaction to the iTunes mistake, adding the words, "When your album leaks a month early". He has since used the meme as his Facebook profile picture.

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