Twitter Is Pissed After 'The Flash' Kills Off One of Major Characters in 'Lose Yourself'
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The fight against DeVoe costs Team Flash two of their key members, prompting fans to criticize the development of the story.

AceShowbiz - Fans are not happy with how things went in a recent episode of "The Flash" season 4. The Tuesday, April 17 episode, titled "Lose Yourself", saw The CW's series killing off two key members, one of which is a major character that everyone loves.

[SPOILER ALERT!] The episode saw Barry a.k.a. The Flash alongside Ralph Dibney a.k.a. Elongated Man fighting bad guy DeVoe. At first, Dibney seemed to be in favor of killing the villain, though he failed to bring himself to carry out the deed. Just when he thought he had killed DeVoe, the latter broke out of his cuffs and transferred his consciousness to the former's body.

DeVoe later attacked the rest of Team Flash. With no time, he brought down The Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost. Not stopping there, DeVoe struck another blow just before he left, throwing Caitlin up against a wall. The Thinker also used Melting Point's power to pull out her meta-human powers out of her body and returned her to her human persona.

Cisco and Harry later ran some tests on Caitlin, only to confirm that she no longer had dark matter in her body. Upon learning that the show shockingly removed Killer Frost just "like that," several fans took to Twitter to slam the show.

"@FLASHtvwriters y'all just gonna get rid of Killer Frost like that? for real? LIKE THAT?? #TheFlash" an enraged fan wrote.

Another fan echoed the remark, "Poor Caitlin. My heart broke for her when Cisco said she didn't have dark matter in her system anymore. Just when she seemed comfortable with her powers, y'all take them away like nothing. In the laziest way I might add. @CW_TheFlash @FLASHtvwriters @GBerlanti."

"Killer Frost & Caitlin were finally finding a way to live with each other! She better come back! They kept being pushed to the side even when there was a meta with fire powers & she would have been the best to go against him! This is so wrong!#KillerFrost #CaitlinSnow #TheFlash," one other snarked.

It remains to be seen whether "The Flash" will find a way to get Caitlin's powers back. "The Flash" season 4 airs on Tuesdays at 8 P.M. on The CW.

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