Justin Bieber Gets Physical With Fan Invading His Privacy: 'Get Out of My Face!'

The fan approached the Canadian heartthrob, who had his ankle twisted in a game of soccer earlier the day, before putting out his phone, seemingly asking for a selfie.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber has had enough with people invading his privacy. The "Sorry" hitmaker was seen getting into a scuffle with an aggressive fan who approached him out of nowhere while he was walking to his car on Saturday, April 7 in Playa Vista, California.

The Biebs, who was off after having a game of soccer with his pals, was about to get into his car when a fan went to his direction. When he got close with the Canadian heartthrob, the fan put out his phone, seemingly asking for a selfie. However, Justin was having none of the fan intruding on his space.

"Get out of my face, bro!" Justin could be heard yelling at the fan, who seemed to be older than the singer. "Get out of my face!"

The fan trying to invade his privacy might be the last straw for him before he exploded in rage. Earlier on that day, he injured his ankle injury during a game of soccer with his pals. The 24-year-old pop star, who donned a white jersey and red pants, twisted his ankle during the competitive match. Justin looked in pain while holding his ankle. It forced him to take a lenghty timeout. Fortunately, he did seem to recover from the pain rather quickly as he was seen laughing from the sidelines.

Justin is no stranger to people invading his privacy. Prior to this, an unidentified brunnette approached him after a SoulCycle class in Beverly Hills. It was a bit creepy as the fan stood outside Justin's car with a gift and a flower for him.

The "Love Youself" singer, however, appeared to be in good spirits as he welcomed the fan. He didn't get physical with the fan, and they even had a friendly conversation for some time. However, Justin was said to be politely declining the fan's gift.

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