Drake Bell's Alleged Nude Pics Leak Online and Ruin People's Childhood
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The former 'Drake and Josh' star's naked photos are reportedly leaked by hackers and most of his fans are shocked after seeing them.

AceShowbiz - People suddenly got reminded of Drake Bell and their childhood, but not in an innocent way. The former Nickelodeon star had his nude pictures leak online in the wee hours of Sunday, April 8. The 31-year-old actor/musician reportedly fell prey to hackers who exposed his private photos.

Following the leak of his nude pictures, #DrakeBell became trending on Twitter on Sunday. Some curious Internet users began to search for anything related to the former child actor and were soon shocked by what they saw.

Twitterverse later took to the social media to express their feelings. "ok so drake bells nudes were leaked ?? im done & so is my childhood," one wrote. Another responded, "Not to be dramatic but after seeing drake bells nudes my childhood is ruined."

"Thank you for the #DrakeBell visual, now going to scrub my eyes. Please his heart," read another tweet. One other reacted, "B***H WHYD HE LICK HIS LIPS I AM DECEASED." Another wrote, "Yo to the person who told me to look up #DrakeBell I want my childhood back."

Similarly, someone reacted to Drake's nude pics, "Welp me being nosy at 1:50am looked at why Drake bell was trending... My childhood is dead now... i regret everything... My eyes need some heavy cleaning out to un see what i saw."

Some others reacted to the nude pics with funny memes.

However, this is not the first time Drake bared his naked body. Back in February, he shared an image from his photoshoot for PEOPLE in which he stripped down to his birthday suit. Showing off his ripped body, he only covered his manhood with his hand. Drake inserted that shot in a screengrab from "Drake & Josh".

In the same month, Drake released a steamy music video for his single "Rewind". In the NSFW clip, he's featured making love to a lingerie-clad woman. The pair were also seen dancing erotically to the music and the actor was getting a massage from the woman in another scene.

Drake has not responded to the recently leaked pictures.

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