Safaree Samuels Claims Nicki Minaj Cheated on Him With Nas: 'I Was Hurt'

The 'Love and Hip Hop' star recalls the time Nicki kissed Nas behind his back when they were still together six years ago.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj and Nas' kiss in her music video "Right By My Side" apparently still leaves Safaree Samuels with some bitter feelings. Appearing on "Easily Offended" podcast, Safaree claims the "Anaconda" hitmaker wasn't always faithful to him during their 14 years of relationship.

He particularly was hurt by Nicki and Nas' steamy moment in the music video, which was filmed in 2012. While Safaree was actually on the set that day, he says his then-girlfriend and her future rumored boyfriend did it behind his back.

"I was there. You wanna know what's so crazy? I didn't know it happened until the video came out," Safaree says. "I ain't gonna lie I was hurt. I was there the whole day, I was like 'damn did that happen when I left to go?' I must have left for like an hour..."

Safaree says Nicki did admit that there was "something" in the video that he wasn't aware happened, but he didn't seem to know that the situation she was referring to went to such an extent. He adds later, "I'm reliving it right now."

Safaree and Nicki split in 2014, after dating since 2000. She then started dating rapper Meek Mill in early 2015, but called it quits in January 2017. The 35-year-old Trinidadian rapper was then rumored in a relationship with Nas in the same year, though it didn't last long.

Back to Safaree, his nude video and photos recently leaked online. Speaking on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club", the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star said he wasn't the one who posted the pics.

The 36-year-old rapper reportedly has been offered porn deals following the video and photos leak. "Safaree is shocked that his phone has been blowing up since the penis pics leaked," a source told "He has been getting marriage proposals, job offers and he even has a ton of new online haters and trolls trying to diss him since the pics leaked."

The source added that the rapper "thinks everyone will forget about the pics soon. But if they open a few doors for him, then he is cool with that too." It was said that Safaree started to consider doing porn after his nudes got predominantly positive response on Twitter. "While his heart is in hip-hop, Safaree considers himself a businessman first and if the money is right, he is open to any opportunities that come his way," continued the source.

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