Heather Locklear Is Arrested for Domestic Violence and Assaulting Three Deputies

The 'Melrose Place' star is arrested after having a fight with her boyfriend which turned physical and allegedly assaulting three deputies who responded to the 911 call.

AceShowbiz - Heather Locklear had another run-in with the law. She was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence toward her boyfriend on Sunday night, February 25. During the arrest, she was allegedly assaulting three cops.

Earlier that night, Heather's brother came to her home and saw Heather and her boyfriend fighting. Heather was freaking out when her brother went to her house and found her fighting with her boyfriend, ET Online reported. According to TMZ, her brother called 911 shortly after 9:30 P.M. Soon, three deputies came and put her in custody after the cops observed that her boyfriend had a visible mark.

During the arrest, however, the 56-year-old actress did not cooperate and became combative, flailing, kicking and striking the three deputies. She was then cuffed and taken to the hospital for evaluation on an injury.

"We started an examination, which uncovered that she had really battered a sweetheart at the living arrangement before our entry," a representative for the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said. "(Heather) guaranteed that she was harmed preceding our entry, in spite of the fact that we didn't perceive any proof of it," the representative added. "Out of wealth for alert, she was transported to a neighborhood healing center where she was assessed before being set up for imprison."

Heather was booked into the Ventura County jail early Monday morning. The Sheriff's Office representative mentioned she posted a $20,000 bail and has been released. Heather is expected to show up in court on Tuesday, March 13 in Ventura, California. A rep for the star has not responded to a request for comment.

Heather was said to have been spiraling out of control lately. "Her friends and family are telling her it is time to go back to rehab," a source told ET, referring to the fact that the actress has been in and out of treatment for years.

The actress had been arrested for reckless driving in 2008. In 2011, police were sent to her then-boyfriend Jack Wagner's home after the two allegedly got into an argument, but neither of them wanted to press charges. She was hospitalized for taking dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol in 2012.

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