James Bay Unveils Dreamy Music Video for 'Wild Love' Starring Natalia Dyer

The dreamy visuals begins with Bay belting out the song in a pitch-black room before he transports to a crowded dance club, where he meets Dyer for the first time.

AceShowbiz - Earlier this month, James Bay released a new single entitled "Wild Love". The 27-year-old English singer finally unveiled the music video for the track on Monday, February 19. The visuals stars "Stranger Things" actress Natalia Dyer.

The three-and-a-half-minute video opens with Bay singing about wanting to be in a daring relationship in a pitch-black room, staring directly into the camera. A flock of purple butterflies then show up and start flying around the singer. After that, Bay is transported to a crowded dance club, where he meets Dyer for the first time.

"But I wanna give you wild love/ The kind that never slows down/ I wanna take you high up/ Let our hearts be the only sound," he rhymes. "I wanna go where the lights burn low and you're only mine/ I wanna give you wild love/ I wanna give you wild love."

Bay, who won Best Male Artist at the 2016 BRIT Awards, admitted he was a little starstruck while filming the music video with Dyer. "She's a lovely person, a huge talent and it was great hanging with her while making this video," he said of the Nancy Wheeler depicter. "I'm a massive 'Stranger Things' fan so I tried everything in my power not to fan boy too hard."

"Wild Love" was the song that he produced along with his frequent co-writer Jon Green and producer Paul Epworth. The song was well-received by fan as it reached a million streams just a day after it was released.

"It's been pretty amazing," Bay said of the success of the song. "I found out that it got a million streams in the first 24 hours. It passed two million and tonight it hit three million. It's only been out for a few days. It's very exciting."

"Those influences go further into the music you can necessarily hear in this one song," he continued. "I am excited to say that, because as you get deeper into the album you'll be able to hear much more of those influences and others."

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