Lee Kwang Soo Playfully Proposes to Jeon So Min on 'Running Man'

'I guess you and I should get married, then!' Kwang Soo tells So Min in a preview of the upcoming Sunday, January 28 episode of the popular South Korean series.

AceShowbiz - %cLee Kwang Soo% and %cJeon So Min% continue showing off their undeniably chemistry in the latest episode of "Running Man". In the upcoming episode of the popular South Korean variety show, Kwang Soo jokingly proposes to his fellow cast member.

In the upcoming Sunday, January 28 episode of the SBS show, the members, which include %cYoo Jae Suk%, %cHaha%, %cSong Ji Hyo%, %cKim Jong Kook%, %cJi Suk Jin% and %cYang Se Chan%, are attempting to escape from prison. All they need to do to break out of prison is acquiring one special item: a tofu.

So Min works hard to obtain the tofu until she realizes that it's missing. She immediately accuses Kwang Soo of stealing it, though the "It's Okay, That's Love" actor insists that he is innocent.

So Min is so upset, prompting her to angrily curse the perpetrator. "The next three generations of the person who stole my tofu will be cursed!" she declares.

So Min's remarks seemingly get Kwang Soo upset despite previously claiming that he doesn't steal So Min's tofu. "Aren't you being a little too harsh with your words?" he complains. Everyone bursts into laughter though, as Kwang Soo indirectly admits that he is the thief. "I guess you and I should get married, then!" Kwang Soo tells So Min.

Haha later quips, "What's going on between the two of you?" He continues, "Is this a love line?"

Whether the two are dating in real life or it's solely a joke, Kwang Soo and So Min are no doubt fan-favorite couple. The pair took home the Best Couple Award at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards, which was held on December 30, 2017.

"Running Man" airs on Sundays at 4.50 P.M. KST on SBS.

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