Jo Jung Suk Denies He's Breaking Up With Gummy, Says They Have No Wedding Plans Yet

While saying that their relationship is 'doing very well,' the 'Two Cops' star admits, 'I don't have plans for marriage yet.'

AceShowbiz - Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are still together and "doing very well." The actor has addressed reports saying that they have broken up. The couple confirmed their relationship in 2015 and is currently in their fifth year together.

The pair, who have been keeping their relationship low-key, were recently hit with breakup rumors. But Jung Suk recently mentioned Gummy's name during his speech at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards where he won the Male High Excellence Award.

"It's totally false. We're doing very well," the "Two Cops" star said of the split reports during an interview on Monday, January 22 at a cafe in Gangnam, Seoul. "I didn't mention her during my award speech to shut down the rumors but because I truly appreciated the support given to all of my productions."

He went on explaining, "The reason why I mentioned her was because I'm grateful that she's a huge fan of my dramas. [While I was filming 'Two Cops,'] I didn't have enough time to really see her or even talk to her. I would come home, sleep, wake up, and go to the [filming set] like a zombie. She was busy with concerts as well. I think all we exchanged were words like, 'I'm enjoying your work.' "

Asked about his plans for marriage, the 37-year-old star responded, "I don't have plans for marriage yet. But I get asked (about marriage) a lot. I guess since we've been dating for a while but no plans yet. I'll announce it when the time comes."

Jung Suk also talked about the negative parts of being in a public relationship for a long time. "If we're talking about uncomfortable aspects, it's when I get asked questions like this, and I just say what's on my mind but then the articles only focus on this [topic]," he admitted. "So, it's very unfortunate. I think that's what is difficult about public relationships. Because my words can be delivered in a different way contrary to my intentions, it can be burdensome and difficult."

Jung Suk's drama "Two Cops" recently aired its last episode. During the interview, he also addressed criticism toward his co-star Hyeri's acting skills. "I don't understand that part (the criticism toward Hyeri). I thought Hyeri's acting was good. In terms of the acting, her style might not have matched well with the production but I still think her acting was good," he defended the Song Ji An depicter.

He continued, "I received a lot of good vibe (from Hyeri). She's an actress with good acting. I didn't provide any specific advice for her. I just encouraged on the sets and it was admirable that she had the actually wrote a letter for her fans. It's hard enough to just think that way but she has actually put it into action and I felt that she was truly reflecting on herself. I am proud of my younger colleague for the work that she has done."

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