SHINee's Jonghyun Posthumous Album 'Poet Artist' to Be Released One Month After His Death

All proceeds from the effort will go to the late singer's mother and be used to start a foundation to help those living in difficult circumstances.

AceShowbiz - A new album by %cSHINee%'s member %cJonghyun% will be released posthumously. His label SM Entertainment announced on January 19 that the late singer's album "Poet | Artist" would be released on January 24, while the tracks and a special music video would be premiered online on January 23.

According to a statement that was published by the label, his album was planned to be released in the new year. "Jonghyun loved music more than anyone and tried to communicate through music, and we hope that his feelings will be conveyed to everyone," so the statement read.

All proceeds from the record will go to Jonghyun's mother and be used to start a foundation to help those living in difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the boyband will continue as four and are scheduled to hold a concert in Japan next month. %cOnew% and the boys announced the concert earlier this month, penning handwritten letters to their dedicated fan army Shawol. In their letters, they expressed their gratitude to all the fans who have supported them following the sudden death of Jonghyun.

On January 16, member Key shared on Instagram an update of his upcoming activities, delivering a heartwarming message to his fans. "I've been thinking a lot lately and even though it's a bit late, I figured it would be good to say it myself," he wrote. "Ahead of the upcoming tout, I will be greeting you guys through a pre-recorded reality show with %cBoA%."

He went on saying he was upset that he couldn't "see [Jonghyun] at the moment, but I know he's waiting for me just around the corner. Now more than ever, I want to gain strength and keep Jonghyun in our presence as we promote, rather than trying to fill up his space."

"It might be too much to ask, but I hope that whenever and wherever you see us, you will treat us and love us like you always have," so he concluded his lengthy post. "I would be very thankful for that. If you continue to support us so that we can hang in there, we promise we wont disappoint. Thank you."

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