Report: K-Pop Girl Group T-ara Disbands After Nine Years

Multiple news reports claim that the four-piece girl group decides to part ways as their individual opinions' are too different.

AceShowbiz - K-Pop girl group %cT-ara% has once again been hit by disbandment rumors. Multiple news reports claimed that the girl group has decided to part ways even though they have decided to fight against MBK Entertainment for the rights of their group name following their departure from the label. The decision was made because their individual opinions' were too different.

Reps for T-ara have yet to respond to the disbandment rumors.

The four-piece girl group first sparked the rumors when all of the members decided not to renew their contracts with their former label MBK Entertainment. When asked if this meant that T-ara had disbanded, the label stated, "It's not a disbandment."

Member %cHyomin% also posted on Instagram a message reassuring fans that the girl group would not disband even after leaving the label together. "Although I can't tell you anything concrete yet, our members will be able to be together, wherever or whenever," so she wrote. "We decided to carefully consider how we can prepare many opportunities for us to be able to be together with fans in the future."

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Following the girls' departure, MBK Entertainment applied to trademark the name "T-ara" in order to prevent the girls from maintaining their group name after leaving. In response, %cJiyeon% and the other girls filed documents with grounds to refuse the trademark application. The move was made after the group's lawyer revealed that the label's initial application could be rejected under the Trademark Act.

T-ara debuted in July 2009 with "Lies" and "Wanna Play?". Their debut performances received negative responses from many people, who stated that it was lipsynched and commented that it seemed like an "elementary school" performance. They rose to stardom after their single "Bo Peep Bo Peep" became a big hit, leading to them being presented with Rookie of the Year Award at the 24th Golden Disc Awards along with %c4minute%.

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