Kevin Spacey Accused of Racism on 'House of Cards' Set

Earl Blue, VIP Protective Services' boss who managed on-set security of the series in 2012, said that his contract was ended after the actor said 'he didn't want n***ers on his set anymore.'

AceShowbiz - Amid the explosive sexual assault accusations, Kevin Spacey is hit with a new allegation of racism on set of Netflix's "House of Cards". The actor reportedly called security guards the "N" word during the filming of the first season of the show.

According to Daily Mail, Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Services which was hired by Knight Takes King Productions to manage on-set security of the presidential series in 2012, claimed that Spacey refused to shake hands with his predominantly black employees. Blue further said that Spacey, who played the lead character Frank Underwood on the series, didn't want to acknowledge his black team members and even made racial slurs toward them.

It was when a group of black security guards watching the show's trailer when he heard Spacey told his personal security manager, "I don't want n***ers watching my trailer." When Blue tried to complain about Spacey's behavior to set managers, he was told, "That's the way he is; we've get to keep him happy."

Blue claimed that when the location manager introduced him and his supervisor to Spacey, "Kevin is standing right next to me. He looks me up and down, looks at my supervisor up and down, and reaches across us to shake the hand of the police officer and then walks away."

He continued, "From that point on we had a security officer posted outside of his trailer and my security force is predominantly African American. Every time he walked back he would look at this black officer but he wouldn't even speak. He never spoke to my security guards but he was talking to everyone else. He even talked to the location manager that tried to introduce us to start with."

Blue, who was stationed around 15 to 20 feet from Spacey's trailer, went on claiming that when the actor left, "he would look at me, walk back to his trailer and check to make sure the door was locked."

"He obviously had some uneasiness about me being near the trailer. I would smile at him and even speak, say 'good morning' or 'good afternoon.' But he would never reply," he said.

Blue claimed that when they terminated their $1.1 million contract in April 2013, he was called into a meeting with the location manager, business partner and producer Iain Paterson where he was told that they were pleased with their job. Blue said that the meeting was conducted after a separate meeting, where Spacey was present via a phone link. A production manager later told Blue that the actor said over speaker that "he didn't want n***ers on his set anymore."

Blue revealed that he was "a tremendous fan" of Spacey before, "but now I am disgusted by him." He added, "I lost my faith that I am in the right job after the contract was terminated. I questioned myself for months. What could I have done differently? Then I came to the realization that I did everything I was supposed to do, I was just dealing with a racist man."

Blue reportedly is now planning to sue the Emmy-winning actor, claiming that the fallout made him lose millions of dollars in revenue.

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