Morgan Looks Tense in First-Look Photos of 'Fear' and 'The Walking Dead' Crossover

Morgan, who moves from 'The Walking Dead' to the spin-off, can be seen holding his trusty fighting stick while confronting a walker, who is trapped inside a car.

AceShowbiz - The first photos of the upcoming "Fear the Walking Dead" and its spin-off "The Walking Dead" crossover have been unearthed. Coming via Entertainment Weekly, the two photos feature Morgan (%cLennie James%) looking tense as if danger is looming around him.

Morgan, a character from "The Walking Dead" who will be making his way over to "Fear the Walking Dead", can be seen hiding behind a red truck, seemingly from the walkers. He has his trusty fighting stick on his hands and looks visibly anxious as he keeps taking a peek at what may appear behind the truck.

The second picture, meanwhile, sees him confronting a walker, who is trapped inside a car. Morgan, who went missing for several seasons on the mothership AMC series, seemingly is ready to fight the walker should the dead get off the car as he holds his stick and has a massive backpack in tow.

"As Morgan Jones steps into the world of 'FTWD', he'll be continuing the journey he began on 'The Walking Dead' way back in the pilot," says showrunner Andrew Chambliss. "[Showrunner] Ian [Goldberg] and I were huge fans of the character when Lennie James first brought him to life back then, again when he returned in season 3, and finally when he became a series regular in season 6."

"When we first met Lennie, he impressed upon us how much he cared about the character and how important it was to him for us to take Morgan to places we hadn't seen before," Chambliss continues. "It's been a great challenge to set for ourselves, and it's what we hope to do with the character--to push Morgan to places he could only get by coming into contact with the characters on 'Fear'. They'll change him. And, at the same time, he'll change them."

Morgan left "The Walking Dead" to be a series regular on "Fear the Walking Dead". However, showrunner Scott M. Gimple reassured "even though Morgan is going to be featured on 'Fear', he still has a lot of story left on 'The Walking Dead'."

"The Walking Dead" is set to return for the back half of season 8 on Sunday, February 25 at 9 P.M. on AMC. Meanwhile, it's still unknown when the fourth season of "Fear the Walking Dead" will arrive, though it's said to premiere sometime this summer.

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