Watch INFINITE Beg Their Lovers to Return in 'Tell Me' Music Video

The colorful clip finds the six members of the group running around various places to search for their lovers.

AceShowbiz - INFINITE has made their return to the music industry after less than a year and a half by releasing the music video for their latest track "Tell Me". It is the lead track off their third LP "Top Seed", which includes solo songs by members L, Dongwoo and Sungjong.

The clip itself finds the six members of the group searching for a girl, running around various places. Just like other K-Pop music videos, there are also scenes where the boys are seen dancing while singing about regrets regarding a past relationship. "Wherever I go/ Wherever I am/ I can't stop missing you," they sing. "Please come back to me again/ Please come back to me again."

"Tell Me" is the first track that the group released since member Hoya announced his departure from the group last year. During the group's comeback showcase at Blue Square Imarket Hall in Seoul on January 8, Dongwoo revealed that he cried for an hour after hearing about Hoya's departure.

"Life is a continuation of decision making," he said at the time. "If you choose one, you have to give up another. We all respect Hoya's decision. But after hearing the news, I cried for an hour at Sunggyu hyung's home. I cried while talking with Hoya on the phone. Sunggyu hyung was there to cheer me up."

Sunggyu, on the other hand, shared that he last talked to the former member in late last year. "I've talked with Hoya near the end of 2017. Honestly, it's a conversation between guys so there wasn't much content. We just asked each other how we are doing and talked about our musicals."

Woohyun then said that he hasn't got in touch with Hoya for a while. "I didn't even know he changed his contact info," the main vocalist of the group remarked. "Previously, we promised to get together for drinks soon but I'm not getting any contact from him. My contact info is still the same. I'm waiting for him to reach out to me."

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