f(x)'s Amber Finds Her 'Chest' in Her Latest Instagram Post

As the follow-up to her 'WHERE IS MY CHEST?' vlog, the 25-year-old South Korean star takes to Instagram to claim that she has 'found my chest.'

AceShowbiz - %cf(x)%'s %cAmber% previously posted an epic response to an Internet troll who body-shamed her by uploading a vlog titled "WHERE IS MY CHEST? (Responding to Hate Comments)". And now, it appears that member of the South Korean girl group has found her chest.

Taking to her Instagram account, Amber shares the interesting news to her fans. The "Shake That Brass" singer posts a photo of an adorable puppy tucked into her jacket and playfully captions it, "Found my chest."

Found my chest. 가슴찾음. 找到胸了.

A post shared by Amber J. Liu 刘逸云 (@ajol_llama) on

The hilarious post gets equally hilarious responses from her fans. "omg HAHHAHAHA CONGRATS AMBER," writes a fan. Another fan jokes, "Best hairy chest ever, lol." A fan also sends her a heartfelt message which reads, "Hehe i love u,I love your way of being and do not pay attention to those bad comments about you you are a great person," while another fan dubs her "a comedy queen."

Amber, who was born Amber Liu, successfully trolled back haters with the aforementioned video. The video, which was uploaded on her YouTube page, opened with "WARNING: EXTREME SARCASM AHEAD" in big bold letters. Amber later was seen roaming around to search her chest, asking her neighbors and friends if they knew where her chest was. One awkwardly suggested, "Did you check under your shirt?"

The 25-year-old singer also took part in the #MeToo movement, sharing on Twitter her own story about being a victim of sexual harassment. "It happens everywhere, even here. I want to add my voice as well," she posted on the micro-blogging site. "Not only from what I have experienced but also from what I have seen my friends and loved ones have to go through..." She concluded her post, "As the human race, let's continue to show love, compassion and respect towards one another."

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