E! News Reportedly Paid Giuliana Rancic 'Significantly More' Than Jason Kennedy

'The idea of E! not paying women equally couldn't be further from the truth,' a source claims, adding that Rancic, who left in 2015, 'made more than three times Jason's salary' back then.

AceShowbiz - Just recently, Catt Sadler decided to exit E! News over "a massive disparity in pay" between her and co-host Jason Kennedy. However, a source claims that E! pays female employees fairly.

"The idea of E! not paying women equally couldn't be further from the truth," says the source to Entertainment Weekly.

The source further notes that E! News alum Giuliana Rancic, who left the show in 2015 after working at the network for more than a decade, even "made more than three times Jason's salary when they hosted together." The source adds, "Another one of his co-hosts also made significantly more."

"As an E! spokesperson went on the record saying, Catt and Jason's roles were not comparable," the source continues. "In addition to co-hosting E! News five nights a week, Jason co-hosts 'Live From the Red Carpet', one of the network's most lucrative programs, and hosts 'E! News Weekend' every Saturday and Sunday, while Catt was one of three hosts of 'Daily Pop' and co-hosted E! News twice a week."

However, a rep for Sadler said in a statement on Thursday, December 21, that "their roles at the network were virtually identical." The rep added, "The only thing about them that was not comparable was their gender -- and the fact that she filmed a minimum of seven shows a week to his five."

Sadler claimed that E! refused to pay her as much as Kennedy, adding that it "didn't come close--nowhere close, not even remotely close" to match their salaries.

Sadler didn't blame Kennedy for the pay gap, though. "If there has been any downside to this entire thing, it is that my heart hurts because I know that people are dragging Jason and certain people are being very hard on him right now," she said of her co-host. "The only dark side of this whole experience for me, and it pains me to be honest … is that he is an outstanding human being and I don't want him to be crucified for any of this."

"It is not his fault, he does not make the decision and I believe that he deserves every single penny he is making," she went on saying. "But it's not about that. I would be lying if I didn't say that people are obviously on social media, not everyone, but certainly some people are really coming after him in this regard and I wish they wouldn't because he has been a good friend and he has been vocal in a way that unfortunately, the world won't be able to see or know about. But he has been there and he has defended me and I will leave it at that."

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