Eminem Goes Old School in Teaser for 'Walk on Water' Music Video

The 30-second preview finds the 'Rap God' hitmaker typing something on a typewriter together with his look-alikes in a classroom.

AceShowbiz - Days after releasing his highly-anticipated effort "Revival", %cEminem% is finally going to treat his fans to a music video for lead track "Walk on Water" featuring %cBeyonce Knowles%. The Detroit rapper took to his social media accounts on December 20 to share the teaser for the visuals, writing, "Can't wait to share this."

The 30-second preview features Em typing something on a typewriter together with some of his look-alikes in a classroom. It appears that he doesn't like the things that he types as he keeps throwing papers to the ground. The clip ends with Em looking satisfied with his latest result before the scene changes to show the title of the track. It's unknown, though, whether or not Bey will appear on the music video.

The clip gained a lot of attention from fans as many of them commented that they couldn't wait for its release. A fan simply commented, "My excitement is building," while another noted that Em "is referencing the infinite monkey theorem. He's comparing himself to Shakespeare."

"Revival" was released on Friday, December 15, and according to Billboard, the latest effort is headed for a No. 1 debut on Billboard 200 chart. Speaking to %cElton John%, the "Rap God" hitmaker revealed that he had been working on the effort for over a year. "The album is a reflection of where I'm right now, but I also feel like what I tried to do was diversity. I've tried to make a little something of everyone," he said of the album.

The album itself received mixed reviews from critics, one of whom stated that the set is "mildly more admirable than previous outings but no more enjoyable." Meanwhile, music critic Neil McCormick complimented the effort by saying that it "represents Eminem on top form, which is to say unstoppable, unbeatable yet often indefensible."

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