Super Junior's Leeteuk Slammed After Hinting at Disappointment With 2017 MAMA

Some people call the Super Junior leader 'rude' for his behavior during the awards ceremony in Hongkong, while some others say he should be ashamed for thinking that they deserved an award.

AceShowbiz - Viewers were not the only one disappointed over the 2017 MAMA. Super Junior's Leeteuk, who attended the final ceremony in Hongkong on December 1, hinted at his disappointment with the awards show in an Instagram post.

Posting a picture of what looks like the reflection of lighting on Saturday, December 2, he wrote in the caption, "Why did I go there?" While he didn't mention anything about MAMA, Eunhyuk's comment suggested that it had anything to do with their recent visit to Hongkong, where the event was held last week. "Hyung, Hong Kong's granny ghost will come out, fast go to sleep," his groupmate wrote.

여기 왜 왔어?

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Lee teuk (@xxteukxx) pada

The group, which debuted 12 years ago and among the first who helped spread K-pop fever in international market, didn't win any award that night despite recently releasing their eighth album "PLAY". They also only got to perform one song at the event.

Their fans, known as E.L.F, totally understood Leeteuk's feelings as one wrote, "I'm so sorry you guys practically wasted your time. Supposed to get an award, supposed to preform more than 1 song, and this is the terrible payoff. Please don't feel bad anymore, and always smile your beautiful smile."

Some others tried to cheer him up. "Fame is not a lot of prizes Fame You proved your presence In the hearts of so many people this is the biggest award," read one comment. Another added, "Stay strong super junior you guys didnt deserve all these bulls**t treatments by MAMA the b***h. Theyre f***ing piece all s**t i swear."

But after Leeteuk posted the said picture, some people criticized the leader of Super Junior for his behavior at the 2017 MAMA. Some viewers pointed out that the 34-year-old singer didn't pay attention to other artists during their performances and was caught looking at his phone instead.

"Did he go there thinking he would win something? hahahahahaha And he was caught looking at his phone when other people were performing in front of him, does he not know that this is rude?" one wrote on an online forum. Another similarly wrote, "So what does that make other rookies who were so earnest of performing on that stage? He just went there to look at his phone and Instagram everything hahahahaha Unbelievable."

"Then IU should've just attended instead of you? Seriously I was so bored the whole time I was watching SUJU," read another comment. Another said that Leeteuk should be ashamed for thinking that his group deserved an award, "Isn't it more funny the fact that you think you would receive something with those results...?"

The treatment received by Super Junior aside, MAMA has received a lot of backlash over its winner results. While EXO won Album of the Year Award, the group's fans went as far as creating an online petition on the Blue House's site for MAMA to be abolished. The government site was temporarily down due to being overloaded by the fans.

Realizing the situation has got out of control, EXO fans then urged others to stop flooding the site with their protests. "All the urgent petitions are being overrun because the Blue House petition page is being overloaded with requests to shut down MAMA. Even international fans are leaving English requests, so actual urgent matters are being pushed back. Please don't leave anymore, and if you have left one, please go erase it. It's a place for government discussion," read a tweet.

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