Rain Unveils Fierce Music Video for Comeback Song 'Gang'

The three-minute clip finds the 35-year-old Korean superstar showcasing his dance moves at various places, including at an amusement park and in front of an abandoned building.

AceShowbiz - Rain is finally back! Following the premiere of pre-release track "Let's Break Up Today" featuring Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa, the 35-year-old Korean superstar has unveiled the music video for his comeback track "Gang".

The three-minute clip track finds Rain, whose real name is Joo Ji Hoon, dancing at various places, including an amusement park and in front of an abandoned building. The clip also finds him showcasing his rap skill as well as powerful vocals. "Flashing lights wrap around me/ I pray that time will stop," he sings. "Remembering the voice of you, who has left/ Until I break down, I will dance for you."

Soon after, many fans started gushing over the clip, saying that Rain still looks young despite being a father of one. "No doubt this will be one of the best comebacks," a fan gushed in the comment section. "love his dance, his singing, his rap, his wardrobe, his beautiful, beautiful face. The king is back."

"Gang" is one of the tracks off Rain's mini album "My Life", which was released on December 1. The effort follows his sixth album "Rain Effect", which was released in 2014. In an interview with "Entertainment Weekly", the singer revealed the main reason of titling his comeback song "Gang".

Rain revealed it when he was asked whether his body "has become slower or duller". The singer answered that his body has not become slower, but it is full of pain. "Honestly, it's not that my body has become slower but full of pain," Rain stated.

"I have chronic muscle pain, neck disc and arthritis," he continued. "That's why the title of my latest track is 'Gang' (a slang expression used to desribe giving one's all.) I clenched my teeth in order to prepare for the comeback."

In celebration of Rain's highly-anticipated comeback, KBS will be airing Rain's special comeback show called "2017 Rain Is Back" on December 3. The special show will be about sixty minutes long and features a collaboration with contestants from "The Unit".

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